<<Transverse Catenary Cantilever Inspection Equipment>>

​Transverse Catenary Cantilever Inspection Equipment

The risk of facilities in catenary is increasing because the increase of railway facilities and high-speed train service. And visual check of workforce is not enough time to maintain the extensive railway facilities.


Collect cantilever image and process the cantilever image to find out any defect when the train travels up to 300 km/h.


In this Equipment, we support the method to check the variation of the cantilever component by obtaining the operating bracket image in high speed vehicle, and by analyzing the acquired image.

  • Acquired cantilever image by installing high-resolution camera and  lighting in roof of train.

  • Compare with the last and the present  cantilever at the same location, confirm transformation of cantilever.

  •  Non-contact laser systems scan the position of mast poles.

  • Can detect both the steady arm and the insulators.

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